Friday, 15 March 2013

RWGenting - YNOT Graffiti Competition!

Do you love to see graffiti artwork?

If yes, then i have a good news for you!

There's a graffiti competition organised by Resorts World Genting which is call YNOT-Spark Your Creativity with Graffiti. Now all the graffiti artist have their chance to show off their skill in this competition!

Although some of the country think that graffiti is a crime, i personally thinks that graffiti is a culture and street art. In Malaysia, It's not hard to see a graffiti in some of the abandoned building or wall. Some of the graffiti i saw before looks really cool.

So this YNOT Graffiti Competition organised by Resort World Genting is a good opportunity for all the graffiti enthusiasts , because the 40 finalist  of this competition will be able to paint and show off  it's own graffiti art at Genting at Resort World Genting!

From 21st February to 13th of March is the date the competition call for submission, There are two category in this competition, Open And Student category. And from 15th March to 28th March is the voting period.
So what are you waiting for? Go and vote for your favourite graffiti! 

The prizes of this competition is attractive as well! Resort World Genting have prepared up to RM40,000 of cash and prizes up for grabs! There are two awards in this competition up for grabs as well! Which is Judge Awards where Winners are selected by the panel of judges based on their actual artwork. And Facebook Voting Awards where Winners are selected based on Facebook fan's votes on their actual artwork.

So, what else can you do after you have voted?  As i mentioned earlier, This is the good news for you! In conjunction of the Graffiti Art Competition, Resort World Genting Have Set Up 8 Masterpieces which is prepared by 3 colleges & 2 artists on 8 bus shelters around Klang valley! And Resort World Genting is bringing few lucky ones up to Genting Highland to attend the finale event!

 Jalan Semantan (Artwork by Alpha College)

Lebuh Bandar Utama ( Artwork By Alpha College)

Jalan Ampang (Artwork By Aswara College)

Jalan Pudu ( Artwork By Aswara College)

Jalan Raja Chulan (Artwork By Artist Cekri)
Jalan Barat ( Artwork by IACT college)
Jalan University (Artwork by IACT college)
And lastly this is the one i like the most, Jalan Sultan Ismail (Artwork by Artist Nazmi)
Some of the greatest people in Malaysia!

What you have to do in order to be qualify and chosen to attend the finale event?  Head over to one of these 8 Masterpieces, take a creative photo of you with these artwork and tag Resort World Genting on facebook! So what are you waiting for? Who knows you will be the lucky chosen ones to attend the finale event ;)?

You may find more information about this competition and the 8 masterpieces on the link below

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hi! neglected my blog for quite a time and here i am with a short update. So i saw some website said that today is a day which call International Day of Awesome-ness! So to you all out there who are having a tough time. Yes, it can get us down, fearful, depressed, tired and feeling lost. But don't forget that somewhere inside of you lays a powerful and awesome of you! Yes, You! You are awesome :). Anyway, this is for you all!

Live life to the fullest everyday!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Year of 2012

It's already Feburary  in 2013 since 2012 have over, and looking back to 2012 it's been quite a good year for me. I had happy, sad , crazy and many more memories back there. So, lets start with

January to March 2012

New Year with another new year resolution! One of my resolution is I'll be able to complete my diploma with good grades. It's the final term of Diploma In Hospitality management. Well, the hardest thing that i have  gone though for my final term is doing a final report call professional situation report and of course went though the final examination. What did i do during these three months is just prepare myself for the final examination of my Diploma. Well,i did gone through some hard time and stressed out during these three months but I'm glad i have achieve what i want and i have done my very best :).

Some of the picture during the month :)

Celebrated Peter Birthday At His House.

 DH 36 Group 6 In Kitchen Class!

 How i look when i'm in kitchen uniform. Haha.

 How i look when i'm doing flambe.

 With Shi Jie And Elvin During Final Examination of F&B Practical

 The final examination dinner serving class group :).

During Announcement Of Result :D.

 Me,looking nervous and happy

 With Ah Wong, One of my close friend in uni.

 Us, The Ruemz Team. Ruemz is a hotel owned by Taylor's and i did my first internship there with them, bunch of crazy friends :).
Half of the guys team of Ruemz Hotel!

 Few of the girls team of Ruemz hotel!

 Last but not least,My diploma friends :). G6! Left out one person though.

And we went to Pei Wen house for celebration that we have made it through diploma.

April to June 2012

Well, April to June 2012 is a happening month for me. I went to graduation trip with my diploma friends, i met someone special that i'm willing to spend my life forever Adeline :). And so on,so for my graduation trip, i went to Melaka and Seremeban. It's the hometown of Elaine and Teddy. We went to some place near the sea which has a nice view, jonker street, temple, waterfall and much more place. There's too much picture so i just upload some of it here :).

When In Melaka

The boys taking picture at the place which have a nice view. Didn't manage to take picture of the view because by the time we remember it,it's already night time.

 Head Massage Toy,Quite Comfortable Actually!

Eat eat eat at jonker street.

Zhen Han reliving his childhood memories,laughing happily. Haha.

Trying to be like him,but failed.

And Bye Bye Jonker!

We are the journey to the west member, Sifu with Monkey bro, Pig Bro And Me. Haha.

And we went to the beach to have some fun as well.

And we went to ate the layer cake, satay celup, chicken rice ball and much more.

When in seremban


Seafood Tau Fu

Fish Head Noodle.

Salted Egg Crab!! My Favourite!

Went to one cafe to chill and play some game.

Wake up early in the morning and go to the playground for some activity.

After that went to one of the Seremban Morning Market to have this beef noodle.

Visiting temple, pray pray.

 Specially thanks to teddy boyfriend mom, kind and good people :)!

All getting drunk after drinking at night. Haha.

Went to waterfall the next day.

We all having fun, ivan siting there emo :(.

Enjoying like a boss.

It's too nice,i don't want to leave. Haha.

After that we went to the same cafe again to celebrate zhen han birthday.

We specially order this cake for him! haha.

And that's it, we went back to our home to enjoy our holiday and wait for our degree commence.

July 2012 to September 2012

Nothing special during this month, during holiday i went to work for my dad. I started to work for my dad since high school when i'm on holiday. I'm really proud of my dad, it's really not easy earn money. You have to put effort, sweat and many more. Since then i told myself, in the future, i have to be the one who can really makes a lot of money so that i can give my family a good life and good future. Haha, is good to be ambitious isn't it? Moving on, So i work work work until august, my degree commence and is time to back to campus again for study. Meeting new friends from other country with other culture. At first it's really hard to get together with them but as times goes by we are getting together as a group :).

And in this month, My good friend pei wen is leaving to singapore for future undertaking, wish her all the best and hope we will still be in contact in the future :).

Went to steamboat and some drinking session with them.

Bunch of crazy people.

October 2012 to December 2012

These three months is the busiest month of the whole year, facing final examination, food promotion event. Although it's quite stress and went through some argument but all the hard work was worth it and i'm glad everything went well in the end. It's a good experience for me and i have learned something through this event.

Since i have been chosen as the F&B manager for this event Me and The President of the event have to wear as a superhero because our theme is superhero. I'm batman and the president is spiderman. 

Some picture during preparation

During event

Seriously,i look fat wearing this mask.

Dancing Gangnam Style

With a cute friend of mine, le teddy.

Junior from Diploma

Best dress of the night, mafia girl laughing so happily. haha.

My good assistant! Helped me a lot through out this event.

A good singer, she really sing quite well. You may visit her facebook Wong Zun Zen

Lastly, don't know what face i'm showing. 

And that's it,  these are just part of the memories i had in 2012, there is still much more memories i had. I'm glad i live through another year with the one i love. Family,Friends,Girlfriend. So, Cherish every moment, appreciate everyone who is in your life now and live everyday to the fullest :).